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(High Sierra Line)

Getting Air in 1931 Mammoth Mtn Skiing Sky Meadow Ski Pear Lake Toward Leavitt Pk Leavitt Bowl
Igloo Village Igloo Test Inside an Igloo Bear Creek Spire Rock Creek Yurt Dade Couloir
Tracks on Dade Couloir Sardine Canyon Power Lunch Mt Stanford (N) Sierra Sunset Mt San Jacinto
Mt Ritter Group Climbing Mt Ritter Break on Lassen Skiing Lassen(N) Sargent's Ridge, Shasta Shasta Summit
Kearsage Lakes Skiing Mt Bago Mt Powell Group Mt Powell Camp Powell Point On Mt Basin
Sanddune skiing Biking and skiing Skiting Clouds near Olancha Happy hour Skiing to Olancha
Gaylor Pk Mather Pass up Mather Pass down Vennacher needles Kings River XC Giant Lenticular
Gully skiing Skiers at Shuksan Ascending Rainier Sunrise on Rainier Pink light on ice Crevasses on Rainier
Alvin on Adams AA in winter/summer SMS hikers Summer lakes Wildflowers Morning sun
Mt Heller climb Unskiable snow Atmospheric effects Mt Farquhar Summit shots on F.F. Fall colors
Poconip at Mono Lke Surface hoar Snow in the tropics Craters on Mauna Kea Mauna Kea from far Biking and skiing
Skiers on Mt Abel Winter in the Sierra Skiing in the Tableland Winter snowcamping Skiing at Pear Lake Green Sierra foothills
SMS skiing in Canada Wapta Icefields SMS group in the Rockies Nice powder tracks Crevasses and icefalls Sunset over the Rockies
Greenland's melting glaciers Crevasse patterns Sierra peaks climbed Successful fishing Wildflowers Fall in the Domeland
Church Dome Leslie leading Rapping off the Taj San Gorgonio Austrian Alps Cornice ascent
Iceland Ice crystals Snow on water Sun on Brewer Tiger lily Polemoniums
Red snow Wildflowers Sunset colors Christlessee Mountain Hut Enzian
Curious mtn goats Traverse of Alps Receding glacier The Dolomites Sierra Fall colors Gnarly roots
Mt Emerson on fire Fall leaves Full moon at sunrise Golden aspen Skiing in New Zealand Flowers at lake
Pioneer Basin Shadows in water Coyote on snow Fly fishing Trout pattern Big suncups
Full moon set Sierra foothills Rimed trees on Baldy Skiing the High Route White Mountains Guardian Angel
Snowplant Cloud formation Woodworth summit Ice contours Whitney crest Glacial melt
Forest skiing Domes in winter Horizon Ridge Sierra sunset Western Sierra Mt Silliman
Silliman Crest Climbing Twin Pks Sierra Panorama Carved slopes Gnarly trees Super snow balls
Mosquitoes! Summer/winter lakes Summer/winter peaks Skiing craters 1000 islands Ghost on DC1
Grand Canyon View down Hiking down Bouldering Hiking at 120 deg Grand lizzard
Full moon rise Rings around sun Summer lakes The Kaweahs Needle ice Patterned wood
Iridescent Lke Mule deer Rock slide White Mt Baldy Glaring ice Above the clouds
Multiple births Sunset after storm Dolomiten Turquoise Lake Fourth Recess Red and White
Skiers in action Darwin and Mendel Green lake Backcountry skiing Red sunset clouds Piute Crags
Mt Tom Mt Williamson Mt Whitney et al Sierra foothills Snow islands San Gabriels
Fresh snowplants Trees on Grouse Baldy on Mem Day 08 Ski companion South Lake fishing Big Willi
Kings-Kern Divide Kaweahs from Wright Lakes Kaweah Panorama Wright Lakes Williamson Bowl Thompson Canyon
Summer treasures Living off the land Brown Sawtooth Ridge Red Sawtooth Ridge Blazing Star Aspen forest
Suncup hiking Tower Peak Hawksbeak Half Dome Clouds Rest summit shot Clark Range
Colorado River Thunderstorms Sparkling Lake Elk family Alvin on Kili Alvins ski plans
Whitney-Ocean view Bald Eagle Class 5 climber Alpine flowers Sierra Meadow Granite Lake
Volcanic Lakes Upper Volcanic Lke Lake at dusk CK & Gardiner Baldy Hut Frazier Mtn
Eastern Sierra Crest 1 Eastern Sierra Crest 2 Eastern Sierra Crest 3

Panorama of the Southern Sierra Nevada from Trail Peak (Patience! 10MB) Mountain panorama on a traverse of the Alps (Patience! 10MB)

(High Sierra Line)

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