Ski Mtnrng

Sierra Club Ski-Mountaineering Test

Sierra Club Bulletin XXII, 6, xxxv-xxxvi, December 1937
Current revision adopted by the Sierra Club Mountaineering Committee, 1983

The candidate must prove to the satisfaction of the judges that he has

  1. Passed the Third Class Test.
  2. Ability to use properly a topographic map and compass.
  3. Knowledge of first aid and rescue technique, including the treatment of freezing and the ability to construct and use a two-ski rescue sled.
  4. Knowledge of the basic principles of snowcraft, with special reference to avalanches.
  5. Toured on skis two full days during the winter season, with at least one overnight camp on snow, carrying an appropriate share of total equipment during the entire tour.
  6. Knowledge and demonstrated ability to use equipment necessary for safely undertaking a ski tour of several days duration.
  7. Completed the ascent and descent on skis of approximately 1500 feet of elevation, preferably on a peak, demonstrating a knowledge of proper equipment.
  8. Demonstrated ability on tour to cope with an average variety of snow conditions.

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