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SMS Trip Reports 2022-2023
Updated March 6, 2023

In 2022-2023 the winter exceeds any expectations. From Dec 22 it started and still continues to snow sometimes as low as 1500' snow. Travel, avalanche, deep snow are the dangers. Reservoirs are filled, Parks are closed, roads are closed, high winds broke trees and powerlines leaving no electricity at times. This will be a stories for a long time about.

Hawai and KauaiJan 18-26, 2023                  Reiner Stenzel          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2020-2021
Updated Oct 16, 2022

In 2021-2022 the snow level was again below normal. It rained in late Dec 2021 and in early January 2022 but only a little in Feb and Mar. Northern Sierra was ok for skiing but so-so in SoCal.

Exploring Arizona's NatureApr 13-24, 2022                  Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Exploring Adventures in WyomingOct 5-11, 2022                  Reiner Stenzel          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2020-2021
Updated Oct 16, 2022

In 2020-2021 the snow level was 50 percent of normal. It rained in Dec and Feb but little in Jan and Mar. The temperature is growing, the wildfires are burning. The pandema continues to reign the world which altered life, economies, politics, etc. Ski mountaineering trips with large groups were not allowed.

Crater Lake, OregonApr 8-11, 2021              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Elephant Rock, LakesJuly 15-17, 2021              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Southern OR, Northern CAJuly 29-Aug 6, 2021              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Oregon's Coast in the FallOct 22-26, 2021              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2019-2020
Updated Dec 7, 2020

In 2019-2020 the snow level was below normal. It rained in Dec 2019 but not in Jan, little in Feb and Mar. And then a pandema came across the world which altered life, economies, politics, etc. Ski mountaineering trips of large groups were not allowed.

Jackass Lakes, Madera PeakJune 22-25, 2020              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Grouse and Bear LakesJuly 3-5, 2020                    Reiner Stenzel          Photos
White Mtn and Saddleback LakesJuly 12-16, 2020                    Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Blackcap Mtn and BasinAug 16-22, 2020                    Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Redwoods National ParkOct 23-26, 2020                    Reiner Stenzel          Photos
June Lake, Crater MtnNov 28 - Dec 5, 2020                    Reiner Stenzel          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2018-2019
Updated July 26, 2019

The 2018-2019 was an unexpected snow year. It rained almost every week from Dec-March. The Sierra got 200% of the average snow fall. Road access was difficult, but a skiers dream came through.

San Gorgonio, San JacintoMarch 22-23, 29-30, 2019              May Adachi          Photos
Slot Canyons and Backcountry SkiingApril 30-May 4, 2019              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Olancha RidgeApril 27, May 4, 2019              May Adachi          Photos
Pinnacles with CondorsJune 7-9, 2019              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Views from the topJune 12, July 12, 2019              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Lakes of the Desolation WildernessJuly 18-24, 2019              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Day hike of Mt WhitneySep 2, 2019              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
White Mountain and Sierra Fall ColorsOct 3-6, 2019              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2017-2018
Updated Aug 19, 2018

The 2017-2018 initially looked bleak, but in February good storms moved in. Unfortunately, no March Miracle. Northern Sierra got average snow fall, but SoCal was below the average.

Highlights from New ZealandApr 9-22, 2018              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Sonora Pass ToursMay 19-20, 2018              Bill Lutz          Photos
Three Sisters, Dogtooth and Dinkey LksJune 2-8, 2018              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Granite Park and Bear LakesJuly 18-24, 2018              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Desolation WildernessAug 14-18, 2018              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Pioneers BasinOct 1-5, 2018              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Hiking California's Lost CoastOct 11-14, 2018              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Pickering et al in Miter BasinOct 15-17, 2018              May Adachi          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2016-2017
Updated Nov 30, 2017

The 2016-2017 initially looked bleak, but the surprise came in Dec-Feb storms. Northern Sierra got the brunt of an atmospheric river, but SoCal got its share too.

Powder on PinosJan 14, 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Mammoth Ski WeekendJan 13-16, 2017              Tom Marsh          Photos
Pear Lake Ski TripFeb 17-19, 2017              Tom Marsh          Photos
Winter in OregonFeb 17-23, 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Long Mtn, Isberg PkJul 20-25, 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Ansel Adams and Yosemite XC HikeAug 5-12, 2017              Tom Marsh and May Adachi          Photos
AlaskaAug 11-20, 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Kearsarge and BagoSep 2017              May Adachi and Bill Lutz           Photos
Skyline-Sea HikeSep 15-17, 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Sierra Nevada Fall ColorsOct 10-21, 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Antonia CedarNov 4, 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Memories of R. J. SecorDecember 2017              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2015-2016
Updated Aug 17, 2016

The 2015-2016 season was supposed to be an El Nino Year but it materialized mainly in the Northern Sierra.
Private ski trips were done to Mammoth Mtn, Pear Lake and Mt Shasta. Summer hikes were also done.

Starr KingJanuary 2016              Alvin Walter          Photos
Thru-hiking the Tahoe Rim TrailJune 23-July 3, 2016              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Steve Ropers High Sierra TrailAug 6-14, 2016              Tom Marsh          Photos

SMS Trip Reports 2014-2015
Updated Sep 29, 2014
Rock Creek Ski ToursFeb 13-15, 2015              Tom Marsh          Photos
Pear Lake HutMarch 1-4, 2015              Bill Lutz          Photos
Dual Trans Sierra HikesAug 15-23, 2015              Tom Marsh and Reiner Stenzel          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2013-2014
Updated Sep 29, 2014

The 2013-2014 season was worse than that of the previous year. Hoping for an El Nino to come soon.

Pacific Crest Trail, OregonJune-July, 2014              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Pacific Crest Trail, WashingtonJuly-Aug, 2014              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2012-2013
Updated Aug 29, 2013

The 2012-2013 season had a low snowpack which was bad for skiing, but good for hiking.

Pacific Crest Trail, SoCalApr-May, 2013              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Pacific Crest Trail, High SierraMay-June, 2013              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Pacific Crest Trail, NoCalJune-July, 2013              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2011-2012
Updated Nov 22, 2012

The 2011-2012 season was dismal.

The Wapta Ski TraverseApr 25-29, 2012              Sung Byun and Don Ralphs          Photos
Chumash Wilderness RevisitedMay 19-20, 2012              May Adachi          Photos
Iridescent LakeAug 16-19, 2012              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2010-2011
Updated Sep 15, 2011

The 2010-2011 season was very a good one. We had many good storms in Dec, Jan, Feb and March, resulting in an above-average snow level.

Blue Couloir and Mammoth CrestApril 23-24, 2011              Ted Lenzie          Photos
Chumash WildernessJune 24-25, 2011              May Adachi          Photos
Grinnell Ridge and MountainJuly 23-24, 2011              May Adachi          Photos
San Antonio FallsSummer 2011              Alvin Walter          Photos
Pioneers BasinAug 5-7, 2011              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Big Willi with Two HornsSep 2-5, 2011              May Adachi          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2009-2010
Updated Aug 9, 2010

The 2009-2010 season is a good one. We had storms in Dec, Jan, Feb and March, resulting in an above-average snow level. Thanks, Ullr!

Pinos-Sawmill-Grouse Ski-PartyFeb 20, 2010              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Oak CreekFebruary 2010              Alvin Walter          Photos
Rock Creek Yurt TripMarch 6-8, 2010              Tom Marsh          Photos
Snow Camp 2010March 20, 2010              Alvin Walter          Photos
Galena ChuteMarch 2010              Alvin Walter          Photos
Shepherd Pass, etcApril 10-17, 2010              Alvin Walter          Photos
Climbing Spitzen in TirolJune-July, 2010              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Muro BlancoAug 4-6, 2010              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Alaska Skiing in AugustAug 16-20, 2010              Alvin Walter          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2008-2009
Updated Dec 3, 2009

The 2008-2009 season started out not too bad, but then precipitation fell below the average. Some people think we get less snow now than in the past. But look at the facts: Rainfall stats for LA for the last 130 years shows no significant change, just large fluctuations around the mean. Alvin led a lot of challenging trips. The summer was long and great for hiking/climbing in the Sierras. In the Fall Owen reminded us we should celebrate the 75'th Birthday of the SMS, which was founded in 1934. Keith Martin made a request to Angeles Chapter to shut down the SMS due to some technicalities, his usual method to control others. The SMS Potluck was a great success. We have a new Central Committee and have many outings planned for the upcoming season. All we need is snow!

East San Bernardino PkFeb 21, 2009              Alvin Walter          Photos
GoodeCyn-BaldyFeb 8, 28, 2009              Alvin Walter          Photos
Red Slate Couloir Mar 28-29, 2009              Alvin Walter          Photos
Mt McAdieApril 18-19, 2009              Alvin Walter          Photos
Lytle Creek to BaldyApril 25, 2009              Alvin Walter          Photos
Sierra High Route in 2 Days April 22-23, 2009              Scott Bornheimer          Photos
Mt. Baden Powell April 26, 2009              Mark Goebel          Photos
Goddard et alMay 9-17, 2009              Alvin Walter          Photos
Comb Spur, Volcanic LakesAug 6-9, 2009              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2007-2008
Updated Jan 4, 2009

The 2007-2008 season started with some rain in December 07, but with all the global warming hype, nobody expected the rains we got in January and early February. We are already well above the annual precipitation and may be looking for a long ski season, so we thought. Then came March without rain, April without rain, May without rain. Where have all the snowflakes gone? Ok, there was a parting shot on the Memorial Day weekend with a "dump" of 6 inches, but that's it. Officially, CA is again in a drought.
Mt BaldyJan 12, 2008              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Mammoth Lakes Ski TourJan 18-21, 2008              Tom Marsh          Photos
Alto Diablo, San Gorgonio WildernessFeb 2, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Pinos and Pine, Sawmill and GrouseFeb & Dec, 2008              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Cedar CanyonFeb 2, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
The Dragon's HeadFeb 9, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Galena PeakFeb 23, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Rock CreekMar 6-8, 2008              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Onion ValleyApr 5-6, 2008              Tom Marsh, Randy Lamm          Photos
Mt LyellApril 7-13, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Mt GoodeApril 14, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Rock Creek Intro TripApril 25-27, 2008              Lorene Samoska          Photos
Birch MtnApril 26, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
South LakeApril 26-27, 2008              Bill Lutz          Photos
Evolution ValleyApr 26-30, 2008              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Mt WilliamsonMay 10-11, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Mt PowellMay 24-25, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
2008 Baldy Work PartyJune 6-8, 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Caltech and VersteegJuly 18-22, 2008              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Hawksbeak, Ehrnbeck and TowerJuly 28 - Aug 2, 2008              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Mount KilimanjaroSummer 2008              Alvin Walter          Photos
Rocky MountainsAug 29 - Sep 1, 2008              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Paria Canyon, UtahOctober 2008              Randy Lamm          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2006-2007
Updated Oct 29, 2007

So far, the 2006-2007 season has left much to be desired. The snow fell mostly in Washington and Colorado, leaving us dry, low and cold. And cold it was! In early January the lows broke 30 year records. The Sierra snowfall was only 50% of normal. Let's pray to Ullr for some white stuff! Well, we got some in Feb/March, but not exactly a miracle. By mid-March the warm winds wiped out much of it. Too bad, no March miracle, not even April showers, few May flowers, and the rest is history. In July the truth came out: Annual precipitation: Only 3 inches in L.A. (less than in Death Valley!)

Jackson Hole, WYJan 1, 2007              Lorene Samoska          Photos
Canada 2007Holidays 2007              Alvin Walter          Photos
Mammoth with Duck & Chicken Jan 12-15, 2007              Tom Marsh, Lorene Samoska and Mike Seiffert          Photos
Ostrander HutFeb 9-11, 2007              Leslie Hofherr          Photos
Twin Peaks, Silliman CrestMar 9-11, 2007              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Private Trips March-April, 2007              Bill Lutz, Alvin Walter          Photos
Rock Creek Intro Tour May 12-13, 2007              Mike Seiffert and Lorene Samoska          Photos
Grand Canyon June 2-4, 2007              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Wonoga and Trail June 30, 2007              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Iceland August 2007              Alvin Walter          Photos
Miter and Major General Sep 11-14, 2007              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Innsbrucker Klettersteig, BrandjochspitzeOct 6, 14, 2007              Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Aerial view of GreenlandOct 25, 2007              Reiner Stenzel          Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2005-2006
Updated Oct 16, 2006

The 2005-2006 season began promising with good precipitation in December and early January. Alas, that was it so far. Dry winds, no local snow, intro trips all canceled. Waiting for a March Miracle... And it came with a vengence! Through mid-April many weekends were stormed out and trips postponed. We had an above-average snow season. But spring skiing was short since the stormy weather turned rapidly into summer heat and the snow became slush and rotten. Summer hikes encountered difficult stream crossings. Summer was dry and hot.
Skiing in TirolJan-Feb, 2006             Reiner Stenzel          Photos
San Gorgonio SnowcampMarch 11-12, 2006          Alvin Walter          Photos
Mt Baldy and San GorgonioMarch 24-25, 2006          Alvin Walter          Photos
Glass Flow MeadowsApril 1-2, 2006          Randy Lamm          Photos
Hiking on the Appalachian TrailJune 11-15, 2006          Reiner Stenzel           Photos
Parker and ParkerJuly 1 and 15, 2006          Reiner Stenzel           Photos
Silver DivideAug 13-19, 2006          Reiner Stenzel           Photos
New ZealandAugust 2006          Alvin Walter           Photos
Traverse of the AlpsSep 1-8, 2006          Reiner Stenzel           Photos & Movie
Alice and HurdOct 7-8, 2006          Reiner Stenzel           Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2004-2005
Updated Feb 14, 2006

The 2004-2005 season began with some unpredicted big storms around the end of the year. Local mountains got so much snow that most roads were closed. By January many regions had already exceeded the annual average precipitation. We had Seattle weather in Los Angeles. Skiing in the local mountains was superb, even better in the Sierra Nevada, but many trips had to be modified due to weather and road conditions. Snow in the high country lasted well into the summer. We also had some nice summer climbing trips.
Angeles Crest Tour - New Years EveDec 31, 2004 Randy Lamm          Photos
N Couloir on Carson PeakJan 23, 2005             Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Skiing on Mauna KeaFeb 5, 2005             Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Skiing and Mountain Biking on Mt Abel Feb 13, 2005             Lorene Samoska          Photos & Movie
Winter Traverse of the TablelandFeb 19-23, 2005             Reiner Stenzel          Photos
San Gorgonio WildernessMar 5-6, 2005             Alvin Walter          Photos
The Wapta Traverse (Canada's High Route)Apr 4-9, 2005             Jonathan Meagher, Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Rock Creek Intro TourMay 14-15, 2005             Lorene Samoska          Photos
Norway and GreenlandJuly 2-9, 2005             Reiner Stenzel          Photos
Amelia Earhart, Simmons, ParsonsSep 2-6, 2005              Reiner Stenzel           Photos
Church DomeSep 24-25, 2005             Reiner Stenzel          Photos
10-Year Anniversary of the SMS WebsiteDec 21, 2005                  New Report

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SMS Trip Reports 2003-2004
Updated Oct 12, 2004

The 2003-2004 season began with some big storms in December. January was initially dry, but good storms followed at the end of January and in February. March was warm and dry. Got some snow early in April, then another heat wave. First of May, mosquitoes bit us while snow camping. Mid May was almost the end of skiing in the Sierras. But in mid June we still had great skiing on the Washington volcanoes.

From July to October we also had a great summer outings program of peak climbing in the Sierra Nevada.
Judah and LincolnJan 31, 2004.............. Reiner Stenzel New Photos
Traverse of the Tableland (changed to Wonderland)Feb 14-16, 2004 Reiner Stenzel New Photos
Crater Mtn (Mono Craters)Feb 28, 2004 Reiner Stenzel New Photos
Olancha PeakMarch 6-7, 2004Jan StAmand New Photos
Kratka Ridge to Mt. WatermanMarch 6, 2004Randy Lamm Photos
Mt Mary AustinApril 2-4, 2004Jim CrouchNew Photos & Movies
Mt Locke (Wahoo Gullies)April 10-11, 2004Randy Lamm, Reiner StenzelNew Photos & Movies
Gibbs and GaylorMay 1-2, 2004Jonathan Meagher, Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Blue CouloirMay 15, 2004Michael SeiffertPhotos
Sierra Crest Tour (South Lake to Taboose)May 15-19, 2004Tom Marsh, Reiner StenzelNew Photos & Movies
Skiing the Washington VolcanoesJun 12-20, 2004Reiner Stenzel et. al.New Photos
Ansel Adams et alJul 28-Aug 1, 2004Mark Goebel, Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Black Divide ExplorationAug 31 - Sep 5, 2004Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Carl Heller et alSep 21-24, 2004Reiner Stenzel, R.J. SecorPhotos
The Inconsolable RangeSep 26, 2004Reiner StenzelPhotos
Farquhar and North GuardOct 1-4, 2004Jim Crouch, Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Rich Henke's Ski Tours1991-2004Rich HenkeNew Reports

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SMS Trip Reports 2002-2003
Updated Mar 12, 2004

The 2002-2003 season began with light snow in November, big storms in December, followed by a two-month drought in January and February with only a few minor storms. The season was saved by big storms in April and May ("Mayuary").
Skiting on the San Joaquin RidgeJan 11, 2003Reiner StenzelPhotos
Telescope PeakFeb 15-16, 2003Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Kaiser PeakFeb 28 - Mar 21, 2003Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Boundary PeakMar 8-9, 2003Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Slate Mountain & Jordan PeakMar 23-24, 2003Mike McDermittNew Photos
Northern Sierra PeaksApr 10-14, 2003Leslie HofherrNew Photos
Robinson BasinApr 19-20, 2003Randy LammPhoto
Duck PassApr 25-27, 2003Randy Lamm
Yosemite Trans-SierraApr 27-May 5, 2003Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Stanford and MorganMay 17-18, 2003Reiner StenzelNew Photos
North Lake to Pine CreekMay 17-21, 2003Tom MarshNew
Taboose Pass Base CampMay 23-25, 2003Alvin Walter
Skiing the Oregon VolcanoesJun 14-22, 2003Reiner Stenzel et. al.New Photos
Columbine, Isoceles, etc.Jul 19-27, 2003 Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Feather PeakAug 16-17, 2003 Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Mt. MarshSep 28, 2003 Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Painted LadyOct 10-11, 2003 Reiner StenzelNew Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2001-2002
Updated Oct 5, 2003

The 2001-2002 season began with heavy snow in November and December, followed by a two-month drought in January and February. Things improved in March.
Pear LakeFeb 22-25, 2002Randy Lamm         Photos
Mammoth Ski WeekendMar 9-10, 2002Owen Maloy         Photo
Ski Mountaineers PeakApr 6-7, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
SMS Peak RevisitedApr 13-14, 2002Lorene Samoska
Mt.WoodApr 13, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Cirque Crest Trans-SierraApr 27-May 4, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Excelsior Mtn and Sonora PassMay 18-19, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Mammoth Day TripsMay 18-19, 2002Gerry Holleman         Photos
Skiing Mt. BrewerMay 24-27, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Memorial Weekend '02May 25-27, 2002Randy Lamm         Photos
Homers NoseJune 15-16, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon July 4-7, 2002Tom Marsh         New
Mt Abbot et alJuly 5-12, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Mt Kaweah et alAug 15-22, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Three Sisters List FinisherSep 21, 2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Some List Finish Trips2001-2010Reiner Stenzel         New Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 2000-2001
Updated Apr 10, 2003 (double column)

The 2000-2001 season was another low snow year with very cold ocean temperatures. There was good snow at Thanksgiving but then little new snow until mid-January. The snow was going fast in early April, but two April storm cycles gave us a few more good weeks. The base was thin, so that the snow disappeared rapidly after mid-May. In spite of the lower snow cover, this season featured a renaissance of the climbing aspect of ski mountaineering. A number of trips involved peak climbs with ropes, ice axes, and crampons. The season produced a great series of ski photos. See the individual trip reports.
Snow-Starved Downhill WeekendJan 6-7, 2001Owen MaloyPhotos
WatermanFeb 3, 2001Mark Goebel
Pear LakeFeb 23-25, 2001Randy LammPhotos
Mt. San JacintoMar 3, 2001Randy Lamm
Two TeatsMar 3, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Baldy Hut WeekendMar 10-11, 2001Don PiesPhotos
Mt. Baden-PowellMar 25, 2001Randy LammPhotos
Red and WhiteMar 25-26, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Mt. PerkinsMar 31-Apr 1, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Pickering and Joe DevelApr 14-18, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Ski White Wing and June Mt.Apr 21-22, 2001Randy LammPhotos
False WhiteApr 30, 2001Owen MaloyPhotos
Ski TinemahaMay 5-6, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Dunderberg and DanaMay 12-13, 2001Gerry HollemanPhotos
Center, Keith, and BradleyMay 12-15, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
McGee Creek to Mammoth Lakes May 12-15, 2001Tom MarshNew Photos
Winchell and ThunderboltJun 1-4, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Ski Mt. HoodJun 16-18, 2001Owen MaloyPhotos
Palisade Crest and Norman Clyde June 16-19, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Devil's Crag #1Jul 24, 2001Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Tunemah et alAug 24-28, 2001 Reiner StenzelNew Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 1999-2000
Updated Dec 12, 2000

The 1999-2000 season was another La Niña year with hardly any snow until February, and essentially normal snowfall from February through May. Runoff was rapid, so that Sierra was almost free of snow by July (compare with 1995!)
Alta Peak Ski MountaineeringFeb 11-13, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
A Week at Ruedi'sMar 4-11, 2000Randy Lamm         Photos
Little Onion ValleyMar 11-12, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Birch MtnMar 25-26, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Elderberry Canyon - Onion ValleyApr 8-9, 2000Tom Marsh         Photos
La Vallée BlancheApr 21, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Chicks On SticksApr 24-28, 2000Diann Fried
Onion-MinKing Trans-SierraApr 29-May 6, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
San Joaquin Peak TourMay 6, 2000Mark Goebel
Bishop Pass - Virginia LakesMay 13-20, 2000Tom Marsh
Powell and ThompsonMay 27-29, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Mt. Starr KingAug 5, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Koip, Piute, Volunteer and PettitAug 12-18, 2000Reiner Stenzel         New Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 1998-1999
Updated Aug 30, 2000 (European High Route Added)

The 1998-99 season was a La Niña year with early cold storms, a drought in January, and moderate snow February through March as predicted by the NOAA long-range forecasts.
Ski Leader TrainingDec 11-13, 1998Keith Martin
Tamarack Flat/North Rim Yosemite ValleyFeb 12-15, 1999Keith MartinPhotos
Sardine CanyonFeb 13-14, 1999Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Skier's AltaFeb 20-22, 1999Steve HessenNew Photos
Utah InterconnectFeb 27, 1999Don Ralphs
Bloody Couloir - Three FingersMar 13-14, 1999Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Mammoth Mtn - Onion ValleyMar 27-28, 1999Mark Goebel
CloudripperApr 10-11, 1999Reiner StenzelNew Photos
European Haute RouteApr 24-May 9, 1999Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Blue Couloir - False WhiteMay 15-16, 1999Gerry Holleman
Treasure Lakes and Dade CouloirMay 22-23, 1999Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Palisade GlacierMay 29-31, 1999Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Memorial Day ToursMay 29-31, 1999Owen Maloy
Clyde MinaretOct 1-3, 1999Reiner StenzelNew Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 1997-1998
Updated Feb 20, 1999

The 1997-98 season was an El Niño year with frequent storms, especially in February and late spring. Total snowfall was higher than normal, but not up to record years like 1982-83, 1992-93. The backcountry snow was layered, leading to many sluffs and wet-snow avalanches.
Ski Leader TrainingDec 12-14, 1997Keith Martin         New Photos
Never Too Much Of A Good Thing?Jan 10, 1998Paul Harris
Mt PinosJan 17, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Snow Shelter CourseJan 31-Feb 1, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Mt Waterman TourFeb 7, 1998Mark Goebel
San Bernardino RidgeMar 13-15, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Mt SillimanMar 21-22, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Williamson-Whitney Crest TourMay 1-7, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Onion ValleyMay 9-10, 1998Owen Maloy         Photos
Morrison Canyon and Mt AggieMay 9-10, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Tioga Pass to Mammoth May 11-15, 1998Tom Marsh          New
Sawtooth Ridge Ski CampMay 23-25, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Blue Couloir and Virginia LakesMay 23-25, 1998Owen Maloy         Photos
Gaylor Peak Avalanche Tour June 13, 1998Owen Maloy         Photos
Dana and Blue CouloirsJul 3-4, 1998Randy Lamm
Mt SillJuly 11-12, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Northern Sierra PeaksSep 2-7, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Southern Sierra Peaks1998-2001Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Eastern Sierra Peaks1994-2002Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Central Sierra Peaks1996-2001Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Clark, Gray and RedSep 17-20, 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Davis and The ThumbOctober 1998Reiner Stenzel         New Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 1996-1997
Updated Mar 6, 1999

The 1996-97 season started very early. Even though there were heavy rains at New Year's, and there were no heavy storms after January, the coverage was well above normal at high altitude. The view from US 395 was deceptive, because the snow at low altitude was melted by the rain and warm weather.

Mt Waterman Yet AgainJan 18, 1997Paul Harris
Downhill Ski ClinicJan 25, 1997Paul Harris
Mt WatermanFeb 1, 1997Mark Goebel
Pear LakeFeb 8-9, 1997Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Teaching at June MtFeb - Apr, 1997Owen Maloy         Photos
Skiing Powder in CanadaMar 9-22, 1997Randy Lamm         Photos
Mt Bago - Kearsage LakesMar 22-24, 1997Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Avalanche SeminarApr 5-6, 1997Owen Maloy
Humphreys Basin Base CampApr 5-6, 1997Tom Marsh
Wahoo GulliesApr 19-20, 1997Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Palisade Glacier TourApr 19-20, 1997Mark Goebel          New
Mt Whitney TraverseApr 30-May 3, 1997Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Horton LakesMay 10-11, 1997Tom Marsh         Photos
Matterhorn PeakMay 24-26, 1997Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Gaylor LakeMay 26, 1997Owen Maloy         Photos
Temple Crag and GayleyJuly 26-27, 1997Reiner Stenzel         Photos
Peaks near Lake TahoeSep 18-23, 1997Reiner Stenzel         Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 1995-1996
Updated Mar 6, 1999

The 1995-96 season started late with not much snow until Christmas, but developed into a good year with above-normal snowfall. The SMS skied San Jacinto, San Antonio, Rock Creek, Pinos, San Gorgonio, White, Sardine Canyon, Pear Lake, Thompson Ridge, the Mammoth Crest, Elderberry Canyon, Hilton Lakes, Lassen, and Shasta. A snowshelter course was conducted in the Mammoth area.

Snow Shelter CourseFeb 10-11, 1996Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Winds of WatermanFeb 12, 1996Don Pies
President's Day at Rock CreekFeb 17-19, 1996Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Mt Pinos - Mt Abel TraverseMar 2, 1996Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Skiing the Dade CouloirMar 16-17, 1996Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Skiing Mt. BaldyMar 23-24, 1996Jim DeRose
Ski Bear MtnMar 30-31, 1996Owen MaloyPhotos
Ski Mountaineer's PeakApr 20-21, 1996Gerry Holleman
Elderberry Canyon and Bishop PassMay 4-5, 1996Ken DeemerNew Photos
Hilton Lakes Introductory SnowcampMay 11-12, 1996Keith MartinPhotos
Telescope PeakMay 25-27, 1996Keith Martin
Mts. Lassen and ShastaMay 25-27, 1996Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Rock Creek Ski CampJun 1-2, 1996Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Visualize World SnowJun 2, 1996Owen MaloyPhotos
Hiking the John Muir TrailAug 26 - Sep 13, 1996Reiner StenzelNew Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 1994-1995
Updated Dec 12, 2001

This was a heavy snow year, with 600 inches at Mammoth, much of it in the springtime. Spring skiing lasted well into July.

San Jacinto and Jean Pk Jan 21, 1995         Pete Matulavich         New Photos
Snow Shelter Class 1995Feb 10-11, 1995         Leigh Broussard         New Photo
Avalanche SeminarMar 25-26, 1995         Nancy Gordon         New Photo
King's RoadApril 8-17, 1995         R. J. "Wise Guy" Secor         New
Mammoth ToursApr 22-23, 1995         Paul Harris
Spring Skiing at BaldyMay 7, 1995         Dana Pearce
Rock Creek to MammothMay 21-26, 1995         Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Skiing Mt. RitterMay 27-29, 1995         Reiner Stenzel          New Photos
Onion ValleyJun 4, 1995         Owen Maloy         Photos
Summer Solstice Ski SpectacularJun-Jul, 1995         Owen Maloy         Photos
Summer Solstice: Dana CouloirJun 24-25, 1995         Don Pies         New Photos
Scottish HighlandsJuly 24-30, 1995         Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Clarence King and GardinerAug 17-20, 1995         Reiner Stenzel         New Photos
Humphreys and EmersonSep 8-9, 1995         Reiner Stenzel         New Photos

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SMS Trip Reports 1990-1994
Updated Sep 20, 2006

Listed are five years worth of older trip reports which should still be of interest.

Pear Lake Hut Feb 18-21, 1994Reiner StenzelNew
Kaiser Wilderness Skipack April 2-3, 1994Tom MarshNew
Pear Lake Hut Feb 13-15, 1993Greg Jordan, Reiner StenzelNew
Baldy Feb 27-28, 1993Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Pinos - Abel Traverse Mar 6, 1993Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Bodie Mar 13-14, 1993Reiner StenzelNew Photos
John Wedberg's PartyMar 27, 1993Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Selkirks April 2-11, 1993The Selkirk TeamNew Photos
Clark Range May 2- 9, 1993Ken DeemerNew Photos
Basin Mountain May 15- 16, 1993Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Banner Peak May 29-31, 1993Reiner StenzelNew
Dana and Gibbs May 29-31, 1993Pete YamagataNew Photos
Patriarch Grove March 14-15, 1992 Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Snowshelter Course March 28-29, 1992 Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Ski Mountaineers Peak April 11-12, 1992Gerry HollemanNew
Skiing Mt Goddard April 14- 18, 1992 Nancy GordonNew Photos
Little Lakes Valley May 9-10, 1992 Scot JamisonNew Photos
Mt Conness May 30-31, 1992Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Hood and St Helens Memorial Day 1992Lisa FreundlichNew
Skiing Mt McKinley June 1-22, 1992Bill LingleNew
Avalanche Course, Sherwin Bowl Feb 8-9, 1991Nancy GordonNew Photo
The Classic Sierra High Route April 27- May 4, 1991 Gordon, Stenzel, Male, Schultz New Photos
Lamarck and Bishop May 18-19, 1991 Gerry HollemanNew Photos
Skiing Mt Shasta May 24-27, 1991 Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Skiing Mt Rainier May 24-28, 1991 Nancy GordonNew
Black Kaweah et al Aug 2-5, 1991Bill OliverNew Photos
Skiing the White Mountain March 24- 26, 1990Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Mammoth-June Traverse March 31, 1990Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Virginia Peak April 28-30, 1990Greg JordanNew Photos
Great Western Divide July 28-Aug 4, 1990Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Evolution Peaks Aug 24-Sep 2, 1990Reiner StenzelNew Photos
Mammoth-Yosemite Traverse April 16-22, 1989Eddie Nunez New
Brewer, North Guard and South Guard Oct 14-16, 1988Reiner Stenzel New Photos
Traverse of the Black Divide Aug 7 - 13, 1988Reiner Stenzel New Photos
Mt Lyell Sep 17, 1988Reiner Stenzel New Photos

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