Ski Mountaineering

Mt. Baden Powell
Mar 25, 2001

Randy Lamm

After hearing from Reiner at the Angeles Chapter Awards Banquet that the road to Vincent Gap was open, I decided to do a private trip to Baden Powell. Joining me were Bill Lingle, Craig Connally, Angel Ocana and Wally Drake.

We met at 8am and started hiking at 9. Even though it was in the 50's already, the snow was firm having been below freezing the nite before. Due to the firm snow we all boot kicked it up the ridge line which the hiking trail follows. Again Angel floated uphill, never tiring, carrying Craig and Wally with him. Bill and I settled into a grinding, grunting trudge up hill.

Eventually 3 hrs later we summited. Seeing another skier Russ a tele stud visiting from Tahoe, jump into the couloir descending east from the summit towards the Mt. High ski area (dubbed Angel's Landing on the map), Angel and Wally decided to follow -- Wally on a snowboard, Angel on rando gear. As they dropped out of sight heading down to the bottom of the north face of Baldy, Craig, Bill, Russ from Tahoe and I bided our time listening to the rock fall and wondering if Angel and Wally were at the point of impact.

Eventually Wally and Angel came back up and we all traversed towards the east from the summit to look for the entrance to the big couloir (gully) which we could ski to the parking lot. We descended thru the trees and hit some decent and some so-so spring/corn snow off the sides of the gullies. We traversed over to the east skiing pitches on two other gullys. After 2,800 of vertical we arrived at the old mine road and hiked it a short ways back to the parking lot. All in all a good day on Mt. BP, and thanks to Wally, Craig, Bill and Angel for joining me.

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