Ski Mountaineering

Kearsarge Lakes and Mt Bago

Sep 29 - Oct 2, 2017

May Adachi and Bill Lutz

This was a late Summer/early Fall trip by Bill Lutz and May Adachi to climb Mt Bago and to enjoy the beautiful Kearsarge Lakes area. Bill reports:

We base camped at Kearsarge Lakes and did day trips from there around the Lakes basin and to Mt. Bago, which offers spectacular views over the entire area. May also attempted Mt. Brewer, but it was just too far for a day trip.

There was a light dusting of snow from a storm a few days prior, but the weather was clear and mild. On the last night our water started to freeze, and there was ice on the the trail going up to Kearsarge Pass on our way out.

We met a lot of PCT'ers on the trail, finishing up sections they had to postpone earlier in the year because of this winter's large snowpack.

P.S. Compare the September scenery with that in March when everything is covered by snow (SMS trip 20 years ago). Each season has its beauty.

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