Ski Mountaineering

Baldy after a winter storm

Feb 27-28, 1993

Reiner Stenzel

The best time to ski Mt Baldy is right after a strong winter storm. This happened to be the case at the end of February in 1993. Ken Deemer and I were among a group of seven skiers for a weekend outing to Mt Baldy. Plenty of snow was found already at Manker Flats and the road up to Baldy. The San Antonio Falls was running down on completely snow-covered slopes. All trees were still coated with fresh snow. Clouds were still drifting around. Occasionally we got snowed on while ascending to the Bowl.

We ascended Mt Baldy's West Ridge and set up a snow camp. On Sunday the storm had broken up and we skied in winter wonderland. The trees were rimed with tons of snow and ice. The pictures below can better descibe the scenery than words. But the best is to be there and see it directly.

Baldy after a storm is as beautiful as the Sierra Nevada. We are blessed to have it so close and should go there often when the conditions are right.

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