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John Wedberg's Farewell to Baldy Hut

Mar 27, 1993

Reiner Stenzel

John Wedberg has been a hut keeper of the SMS-built Baldy Hut for many, many years. He has climbed to the hut at least 750 times. Baldy Hut has almost been his second home.

On Mar 28, 1993 John officially retired as hut keeper. He lives now in Bishop, CA.

In honor of his services to all the skiers and climbers who visited the hut, Bahram Manahedgi organized a farewell party at the hut. Many friends and old-timers attended. Bahram awarded John a plaque expressing appreciation for all his services to the community.

After the formalities Bahram served a gala dinner. He prepared Persian food and other delicious goodies. It was a feast.

Below are some pictures I took that evening. Although not a complete record they may refresh memories of the event.

It was a memoriable event which will become another part of the 70-year history of Baldy Hut.

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