Ski Mountaineering

Dana and Gibbs

May 22-23, 1993

Pete Yamagata

I filled in for co-leader Scot Jamison on Reiner Stenzel's lead to ski Dana and the Tioga Pass Area. The road was plowed past the Tioga Pass Entrance Station, so this was a normal Dana Tour like any other. We skied from our cars, and with few breaks, climbed to the summit of Dana.

There was no register (it may have been buried under snow) and most of the group had a nice long stay on the summit. Reiner took us down the south side of the peak, with fairly steep stuff that most aggressively tele'd (but I did some kick-turns to avoid any mishap with my camera).

We had a look down the Dana Couloir, which two other skiers were skiing down. We contoured into the Dana-Gibbs saddle, and some of the group chose to bag Gibbs as well.

The rest of us skied down, then contoured around Dana back to our cars. The rest of the group came back by 8:00 pm. We had a nice carcamp at the County campground in Lee Vining Canyon, then met at the Saddleback Lake Road to head for False White. The group was fast, so I stayed below while everyone else skied a spur of False White. A large group of Randonnee skiers was skiing False White itself. Most of us returned by 1 pm for the long drive home.

P.S. On May 12-13, 1989 the SMS had a memoriable trip to Mt Gibbs with Dave Dykeman, Nancy Gordon and Reiner Stenzel. Sadly, Dave died on Devil's Crags in 1996.

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