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Hawaii and Kauai, Meeting and Exploring

Jan 18-26, 2023

Reiner Stenzel

We had several reasons to visit Hawaii. Our brother-in-law was ill, our daughter and my wife needed a change to accept what is coming. So we were off to visit the Hawaiian family members and to enjoy the beauty of the islands. For me it was the fourth island and I was ready. It was still the Japanese New Years and it was 20 deg warmer to escape the cold SF Bay Area.

We had a smooth flight from SFO to Kona, HI, but Isa's luggage was lost for one day. More to come. After discussion we tried to improve what might be done which is not easy at 86. Two of our our group were medical social workers. They helped with improving medical service which started improvements for his and his wife. We stayed with him for a week, then took a break and returned again. Juichi was enjoyed by the visits of his closest family members.

We flew from Kons to Lihue, KauaŹ»i, rented a car and drove to a hotel at the coast. Isa had also friends from California and we joined for a nice dinner meeting. We enjoyed time on the nearby beach called turtle beach, and there was a dozen of them tanning in the sun. Guards kept visitors away otherwise the turtles would go elsewhere. Isa also met an earlier Hawaiian friend at Stanford, and we had an enjoyable meeting. He is an artist, church preacher and writer about the history of Molokai. He also suggested us to sightsee Waimea Canyon and Na Pali coast.

The road to Waimea is a dead end road since the terrain does not allow us to circulate around the island. We stopped many times but hiking trails is not advised since wet lava soil is treacherous. After enjoying the scenery and taking many pictures we turned back toward the Na Pali Coast. The beaches and mountains are spectacular but are protected by parks. The steep trails are restricted by permits and winter season is not the best season. Nevertheless we got the taste of this spectacular island.

Our time ran out and we returned to the main island to spend time again with Juichi. More arrangement were done and we were ready to return. But United had found no airplane and let us wait for 9 hours. We arrived in the morning in our cold rainy winter weather in CA. Hawai was a pleasure in winter, warm and occasionally wet. Mahalo!

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