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A sample of "typical" SPS Listfinish Trips


Reiner Stenzel

List finishes are a wonderful tradition of the climbing sections. It rewards years of climbing effort, offers one last and often easy climb, and it brings like-minded climbers together for celebration and socializing. I have attended several list-finish trips and experienced my own and have fond memories of all.

Below are a few samples of List finish trips from recent years. The pictures show the typical activities, but each trip is slightly different and you have to join one to enjoy it.

Pat and Gerry Holleman

Pat and Gerry finished the SPS List of 247 peaks on Taylor Dome on Oct 27, 2001. The climb passed by Manter Meadow and we saw nice Fall colors on the way. The summit block was a short cl 3 climb. It was sunny and warm on the peak, which was soon filled with many people. Both SPS and SMS members joined since the Hollemans were active in both sections. Pat and Gerry were in high mood and the champagne was flowing freely.

The usual customs were summit pictures of List Finishers and former SPS and SMS chairs. Both youngsters and oldies signed the peak register. After an hour or so we returned the same way for the evening celebrations. A fine dinner was prepared and we all enjoyed the food around a big campfire. Afterwards Pat and Gerry talked about their climbing history and life in general and we hung out late into the night. It was an enjoyable day.

Since we were in the Domeland some of us decided to climb another one next day. R. J., Bill and Susan Livingston and myself did Rockhouse Dome the next day. It was a long walk and an easy climb. Half way into the hike R. J. complained about the heavy weight of his day pack. It turned out that it was full of empty champaign bottles from the day before. He must have had a great party. Too bad, there was no full one left for Rockhouse. Nevertheless, we had lots of fun on this day too.

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Ret Moore

Ret finished the SPS List on Lamont Peak on Sep. 27, 2003. It was like a big birthday present for him, because the next day he turned 80! He was still in top shape and led the group to the summit of Lamont, which includes some class 3 sections near the top. He was joined on this hike by his three grandchildren who were truely impressed about their accomplished grandpa.

The summit barely could hold all the attendants. There were snacks and drinks shared, pictures taken and experiences told. Then we returned at a leisurely pace to a group campsite. Barbee Tidball roasted the chicken and we all shared the great dinner. Even a big cake was there to celebrate his 80'th birthday, which was just a few hours away.

Duane McRuer was the MC for the after dinner presentation of Ret's climbing history. Both were good friends, shared many trips and we heard many interesting stories. It was another enjoyable day.

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Randall Danta

Randall finished the SPS List on Independence Peak on Sep 15, 2007. The climb started at Onion Vally and was a cl 3 ascent on the top ridge. While ascending a loud roar was heard from nearby University Peak, followed by a large dust cloud. It was a big rockfall. Undeterred the leaders, Randall and Doug Mantle, brought the group up safely to the summit of Independence. We were all in good hands with such experienced leaders, both having climbed Mt Everest and Doug having finished the List six times!

Randall was in great mood having finished peak 247. He served champagne and gave speeches in Bavarian. He was surrounded by smiling ladies, his brother Derrick and companion Doug. The descent went safely and all celebrated the day in Independence.

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Susan Corinne Livingston

Susan Livingston celebrated her List Finish for the SPS community with a trip to Mt Gould on Oct 16, 2010. She actually finished the last peak on Oct 2, 2010 on Mt Starr King and described her climbing experience in a fine article in The Sierra Echo, Vol 55, No 1, pp.22-27. Our group started at Onion Valley, climbed up the trail toward Kearsarge Pass and near Pothole Lake ascended XC to Mt Gould. The sharp summit block was too small to hold all the attendants who occupied the nearby rocks. Susan posed on the summit with her new T-shirt. Group pictures were taken but without the usual SPS rituals. The weather was not stable and when the first snow flakes came down so did the climbers.

We descended the same way as we came up and gathered at Susan ad Bill's home in Independence. In the backyard they had prepared a marvelous dinner with barbequed wild turkey and all its trimmings. What a feast! Susan reminisced about her climbs. She blamed me for having triggered her peak climbing fever when I took her up to Clyde Minaret. Many other stories followed which ended another fine List-finish outing.

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