Ski Mountaineering

Mt McAdie
April 18-19, 2009

Alvin Walter

On April 18-19, 2009, Jake, Bill, and myself skied up to Consultation Lake for a skiing base camp.

I decided to climb and ski Mt Mc Adie via Arc Pass from there.

Close to a foot of new snow from a few days before made the ascent too much for one day due to the icy and challenging deep snow conditions on Arc Pass.

Sunday, I was able to attain the Summit via two Steep and exposed chutes.

The top was a classic knife edge with stunning views all around.

Following are some photos of the adventure:


Foothnote: This year has been one of exceptional skiing virtually every weekend. My time has been focused on planning and pulling off many excellent adventures and my photo stories have been put on hold until perhaps the Summer or Fall when I look forward to getting caught up.

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