Ski Mountaineering

Snow-Starved Downhill Weekend
January 6-7, 2001

Owen Maloy

The weekend of January 6-7 was supposed to be an opportunity for SMS members to hone their skiing skills. Besides the leaders, Andy Fried and Owen Maloy, one person showed up -- Bill Lingle. Saturday Andy and Bill skied Mammoth Mountain (Owen was sick), but gave up after two hours of skiing ice mixed with pumice gravel. Andy cooked an excellent dinner, and we all got to watch Chicken Run.

Sunday we opted for a tour on light skis around Lake Mary, where the conditions were better.

Wax of the day: universal klister. The photo shows Bill and Andy at the Coldwater turnoff.

The following Thursday, January 11, three feet of cold fluffy champagne powder fell at Mammoth Mountain.

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