Ski Mountaineering

Kearsage Pass & Robinson Basin
Jun 3-4, 1995

Private Trip

This was a private trip by Carol Broberg (Mammoth HS art teacher and PSIA Level III nordic/alpine instructor), Joe McCoy (also Level III), and myself. We camped at Upper Gray's Meadow, delightful at this time of year. Carol skis without bothering with the lifts most days after school. She had her late dog Homer with her. She said she and Homer didn't make Figure 8s, but dollar signs, because she would turn and he would go straight down. The first photo shows Carol and Homer above Gilbert and Flower Lake. Homer died shortly after his 14th birthday party at Christmastime. The party was attended by five dogs and numerous humans.

On Saturday we skied up toward Kearsage Pass, meeting several other skiers and dogs. We skied the bowl above Gilbert and Flower Lakes, just below the steep wall that leads to Big Pothole Lake and the pass. The snow, which fell not too long before, was excellent in the morning, but softened into slush as we went down. I found that my deep slush technique needed a lot of improvement, not to mention softer skis.

On Sunday we skied above Robinson Basin, which was excellent. We ran into a bunch of hard-core telemarkers from Bishop, whom we knew. The second photo shows the fundamental approach to avalanche safety in the springtime -- get up early and get off the mountain before the snow gets wet. Be sure and bring dogs, lawn chairs and refreshments.

Owen Maloy

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