Ski Mountaineering

Winter in Oregon

Feb 17-23, 2017

Reiner Stenzel

In mid-winter I had to drive to Oregon. It rained from San Francisco to Ashland. Next morning I drove up to Mount Ashland and skied for a while on fresh snow, although still snowing and whiteout. In the afternoon I continued to drive to Salem. On Saturday I attended a Memorial for a friend, then returned to Ashland. Drove up to ski the mountain but it was closed due to another winter storm. Tried my luck to see Crater Lake in the winter, but no chance, the road was not plowed up to the lake and any backcountry travel looked suicidal in the white out, many feet of deep fresh snow. Season average is 45 feet! Nice adventure, but Murphy's law struck once again: I had left my skis on the mountain to ski again, but the entire place was still closed. Had to wait out the storm for two days, then drove south to friendlier California weather. A fine view of spectacular Mount Shasta was the reward. Nothing but sunshine in S.F. Great trip but too little skiing.

Enjoy the pics.

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