Ski Mountaineering

Pickering, Pk 13,123' and Langley

Oct 15-17, 2018

May Adachi and Aysel Gezik

Welcome back to the Sierras, Aysel Gezik, after being away so many months. Aysel suggested we go explore the Miter Basin, over the New Army pass. So we did. The ranger at Lone Pine told us it was unseasonably cold, & it was! We arrived at the Cottonwood lakes TH, late afternoon, to car camp @ 10K'. We started walking at no mountaineer hour (after 9a.m.!) from the New Army pass TH on Monday. Walked over New Army pass & down. Base camped 2 nites at Soldier lake where we found a bear box; so convenient! On Tuesday morning, we climbed an unnamed 13.123K' peak via Ski Blue lake, & then followed the ridge to Pickering, 13,485'. We descended back to our base via Primrose lake. On Wednesday morning we started back to our car, taking a detour to hike up Langley, 14K'. In 3 days we saw 4 men (2 on Langley, & 2 camped at its base). Besides them, we saw only, at about 13K' on Langley 4 big horn sheep. The microspikes we carried weren't needed; there was little snow. The whole 3 day walk was about 37 miles. We got back to my car just after 9pm, & drove back to LA.

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