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March-April 2007

Foreword from the Editor (Reiner Stenzel):

Occasionally I receive pictures and short stories about private ski mountaineering trips by SMS members. Although these are not formal Sierra Club activities, private trips reflect the desires and activities of our ski group at a time of dwindling interest in becoming a Sierra Club leader. The stories will be short and most impressions can be gained from the pictures. If you need more information please contact the trip organizers and participants.

Lamarck Col

March 31 - April 1, 2007

Alvin Walter

Last weekend I decided to explore around North Lake believing that the higher elevation would have better snow. The road was blocked at the 8,200 foot level where I began my hike and started skiing at North Lake at about 10,000. The snow was thin and patchy up to my base camp at about 11,500.

The next day I skied up to Lamarck Col to look at Mt. Darwin and Mt Mendel. I actually got some light dry powder in the Col and thin wind packed everywhere else. The couloirs on Darwin and Mendel were not continuous to their tops -- just not enough snow this year. Mt. Lamarck had a pretty continous snowfield and I skied up it. Spectacular views from the 13,400+ peak. There's a very nice steep couloir very near the top except there wasn't enough snow to ski it this year -- it would be a good goal for the future. Also, there was no register to sign and that too would be a good goal to place a register on this very deserving peak.

Below are some photos of my mini adventure.

The last two photos are from the South Lake area showing that there is very good snow in the Mt Gilbert Col and the Mt Thompson Col that I skied last year. I'm planning to ski that area again next weekend for anyone who is interested. The road to South Lake had snow down to the 9,200 foot level where I did a short ski up several hundred feet to where I was able to get the photos.

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Red's Meadow

March 29 - April 1, 2007

Bill Lutz

Mike Rector and I are planning to ski somewhere near Mammoth this weekend also. We will probably drive up on Thursday morning and stay somewhere for three nights. We were thinking of possibly skiing down to the hot springs at Red's Meadow if there's enough snow, or else out of South Lake, or some place like that.

Later Bill adds: Here's some photos from Red's Meadow last weekend (3/29-4/1/07). Took about 3 hrs to get there from the Lake Mary Road's end via Mammoth Pass, & 4 hrs. return. Plenty of snow most of the way, some bare spots at lower elevations. Looking forward to the next trip. --Bill

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Blue Lake

April 28-29, 2007

Bill Lutz

Photos from Blue Lake out of Bishop. Still good skiing at about 10,000 and above. So, when's the next trip? --Bill

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Haeckel and Wallace

May 28-29, 2007

Alvin Walter

Over Memorial day weekend, Ellen and I decided to drive up to Lake Sabrina and make the best of whatever skiing was still available. From the road we could see a nice snowfield on Mt Haeckel. We hiked past Blue Lake and enjoyed the view of Peak 12,464 that I skied a few weeks before.

By late evening we made it up to Midnight Lake where we had a very nice view of Mt Darwin and a couloir that I named Midnight Couloir.

Looking down on Midnight Lake from the top of Midnight Couloir, there were only my tracks coming up it.

From the top of Mt Wallace at 13,377', I enjoyed the view of Mt Haeckel in front of Mt Darwin, Lake Sabrina over the saddle, Clyde Spires and Mt Powell to the south, and Mt Lamarck to the North.

Back down at a saddle, I looked back up at Mt Wallace, then began my first tracks on the snowfield below and came to a view of Midnight Lake with all of its drainages below.

Looking back up and at Midnight Couloir after I layed some tracks in it with a morning view also, including Mt Darwin in the morning.

A sign we found on our way out and an overview of the couloir and Mt Haeckel.

A nice series of action shots Ellen took of me as I skied Midnight Couloir.

It was a great way to finish out the ski season for us -- at least for the time being.

Greetings, Alvin.

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