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Selection of Ski Mountaineering Trips led by Rich Henke


Comments by Reiner Stenzel

Rich Henke is one of the most experienced SMS members. He has done many outstanding ski mountaineering trips. He has written many trip reports for the Mugelnoos. Somehow too few made it on this website so far, possibly because they were all private trips. I have scanned most of his Mugelnoos reports from the last ~15 years and put them into one collection. They should be inspiring to read and to follow (if you can).

Every person develops his or her style of ski muntaineering. It seems to me that Rich likes to ski long ridges, rarely visited mountain ranges, passes and places. His tours are challenging by SMS standards. His companions are usually long-time friends who are strong and experienced. With a small homogeneous group you can do more ambitious trips than on a typical SMS trip. Nevertheless, some trips could be done by advanced SMS members, too.

The SMS is very grateful for Rich's contributions to our sport of ski mountaineering. Many will enjoy to read the reports and some may get inspired to do them or similar trips.

Below is a list of his trip reports. Just click on the highlighted titles and the report will open.

Colorado's San Juan Mountains, 1991

The Evolution Loop, 1992

San Gorgonio Divide, 1994

White Mountain Ski Traverse, 1995

Arc Dome Ski Descent, 1995

Mt Jefferson, 1995

Ruby Mountain Ski Traverse, 1996

Cloud Canyon Loop, 1996

Gardner Basin Loop, 1997

Skiing in the Toiyabes, 1997

Tuttle-George's Creek Crest Tour, 1998

Skiing the Steens, 2001

Skiing Around the Minarets, 2002

Silver Divide, 2002

Cathedral Range Loop, 2004

Mineral King Loop Ski Tour, 2004

Probably more to come...

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