Ski Mountaineering

Memories of R.J. Secor

December 2017

Reiner Stenzel

R.J. Secor was a long time member of the Ski Mountaineers Section and the Sierra Peaks Section. He was an experienced and accomplished climber and a most well known author of guide books. He passed away on Oct. 26, 2017, possibly related to an earlier mountaineering accident in 2005.

In the early 2000's R.J. was very active in leading ski mountaineering trips. I had the pleasure to share many trips with him. I have looked back on the reports of trips with him and made a selection of pictures from him. These will bring back memories of him through which he will stay alive in our minds.

R. J. was an interesting person. He loved the mountains. He loved to write about them and published several famous guide books. He had many friends and a few who did not agree with his strong convictions. He enjoyed long trips like his solo "Vision Quests" or our long Sierra traverses on skis. He was not an extreme skier but he managed steep climbs and descents with ice axe and crampons and his climbing skills. He cherished old equipment and lived as a minimalist, but as a literary person he needed The Atlantic Monthly in the back country.

R. J. lived for the mountains and inspired others to do the same. He left us too early, but his legacy will remain. Look at the pictures below and you'll remember him. If you have some nice ones send them to me since there is lots of space to post them.


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