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10-Year Anniversary of the SMS Website

Dec 21, 1995

Mugelnoos Article

The following is a reprint from a Mugelnoos article from 10 years ago, announcing the start of the SMS website. In 2005 we website had its 10-year anniversary! During its existence, the website has grown to the major source of information about the SMS.

Much of this is due to the efforts of its webmasters, Mark Bailey, Owen Maloy, Thomas Johansson and Reiner Stenzel.

Although not a trip report, the article was considered important enough to be scanned and posted by your webmaster (R. S.). Here it is:

Article from Dec. 21, 1995 in Mugelnoos #723:


Starting December 1995, the SMS home page was launched onthe World Wide Web. The pages were authored by Mark Bailey with the helpful support of Jenny Bailey, Reiner Stenzel, Mark Goebel and Andy Fried. Dan Anderson (aka Sierra Club Internet Wizard) of the San Diego chapter was also very helpful. Special thanks goes out to Jim Guiltinan of Edge Internet for his assistance in hosting our pages.

If you like what you see, I would welcome your feedback! comments. I hope to make an update to the pages in late January with lots more good stuff to be added. Please forgive any errors, typos, misspellings, etc.... I'll clean them up ASAP. This release concentrated on content and not style/grammar. Also, spread the word on the SMS website to all your surfing/free-heeling friends.

Mark Bailey (714-379-0746) 102045.3411


The initial release of the SMS pages has information for prospective, non, new and old members alike.

Skiers new to the SMS will find the NEWCOMERS, EQUIPMENT, SKI TECHNIQUE and HISTORY pages most interesting. "Old" members will want to check out the SCHEDULED TRIPS, TRIP REPORTS, LIBRARY and SUMMIT LOG/TRAVEL DIRECTORY.

Members are strongly encouraged to provide information to Mark Bailey for the DIRECTORY and their E-MAIL ADDRESSES. Color photos ( .GIF format or prints which I may scan and return) are requested for the LIBRARY. Short articles of interest to all members are requested for publication here in the SMS NEWS.

TO FIND THE SMS HOME PAGE THE URL is : http:\\\skimt\

(URL in 2007: )

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