Ski Mountaineering

Sonora Pass

May 18-20, 2018

Bill Lutz

Basically, this was John Kerr's annual Sierra Club Sonora Pass trip, which he has been leading for about 30 years. On this weekend, the conditions were mostly sunny and good, with a little weather thrown in for dramatic views, but we had no precipitation. May and I were the only ones from So.Cal this year, with the other 8 or so being from the Bay Area. This is about the 5th time I've done this trip. It's always fun to meet our Northern California counterparts.

On Friday, we car camped near the Pass. On Sat. we skied from the Pass up through a nice bowl to a high ridge, and then down through Sardine Canyon for several miles until we ran out of snow about a mile before reaching our cars, which we had previously shuttled a few miles down the road from the Pass.

Afterwards, we went to Travertine Hot Springs for a quick dip, and then had dinner at the Virginia Creek Settlement, before car camping again near the Pass.

On Sunday we skied from the Pass to Leavitt Peak/Bowl, and then down Blue Canyon to our cars, which we had left a few miles down the road from the Pass. Driving home down 395, the Sierra Crest was getting spectacular spring showers from Bishop to Lone Pine.

Reiner, I think it was John who at one point recalled seeing you on a ski trip in the Sierras decades ago, wearing a pillow case for sun protection.


P.S. Bill, I am old enough to forget having skied with a pillow case on my head, but young enough to admit that I have done many foolish things. Reiner

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