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Summer Solstice Ski Spectacular
Jun-Jul 95

(Private Trips)

SMS members skied through June and July, skiing Mt. Dana, other places near Tioga Pass, the Blue Couloir at Mammoth, and Sonora Pass, plus steep terrain on the Mammoth Crest. Because school was out by the end of June, our SMS teachers could indulge in a backcountry skiing orgy. Here's the main action, involving a large number of people:
Jun 24Mt Dana (Nancy Gordon, Don Pies, Reiner Stenzel, and Ruth von Rotz skied Dana Couloir)
Jun 25Blue Couloir
Jun 29Mammoth
Jul 1Blue Couloir
Jul 2Mt Dana (Nancy Gordon and Joe McCoy skied Dana Couloir)
Jul 3Blue Canyon, Sonora Pass, fireworks at Crowley Lake
Jul 4Goof off, go the art show
Jul 5Mammoth Crest from bowl west of McCloud Lake
Jul 6False White area
Jul 7Hammil Lake
Jul 8False White (it snowed)
Jul 9Mammoth Crest
Jul 10Mammoth Crest

The largest groups participated on the Fourth of July weekend. On July 1-3, 1995, SMS groups skied the Blue Couloir, Mt. Dana, and Sonora Pass. There are over three hours of raw video, which we hope to boil down into a ski movie. Unfortunately there are not many stills.

Blue Couloir, Jun 24, Jul 1, 1995
The Blue Couloir is the prominent wide chute on the Mammoth Crest at the top of Sky Meadow. It is an easy ski to the Couloir once the road is open to Lake Mary or Coldwater Campground. The photos show the terrific view from the Couloir and Joe McCoy skiing the Couloir in his gorilla outfit (!).
Sonora Pass and Leavitt Peak
On our way to ski the bowl on Leavitt Peak. This time we carried skis up from the pass along the south ridge, instead of crossing Deadman Creek at the mouth of Blue Canyon. Photo on left shows the group at the start. Right-hand photo shows the peak from the ridge.
Leavitt Bowl and False White
July 3 was a beautiful day with moving cloud shadows. The bowl on Leavitt Peak (on the left) is very photogenic. The photo on the right shows False White Peak near Tioga Pass on July 8, shortly before we were snowed off. A primo place to ski.

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