Ski Mountaineering

Temple and Gayley

July 26-27, 1997

Reiner Stenzel

This was my second attempt to climb Temple Crag. The first time I tried it with my best friend, German shepherd Tatanka, but he was smart enough to know that he would be in trouble downclimbing class 3 terrain. Well, this time I was on my own and enjoyed climbing this great-looking mountain.

The summit views of the Palisade Crest were outstanding. Only when looking due west there was an obstacle, Mt Gayley. The solution is to climb it. Then one has a close-up view of all the big Palisade peaks, the glacier with its bergschrund, the notches and faces leading up to the peaks. Of course earlier in the year it is also a paradise for backcountry skiing. But summer time is for peak climbing and this was a great weekend trip.

Scanned pictures (click for large version):

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