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Mt. Waterman Yet Again (A Local Tour)
January 18, 1997

Leaders: Paul Harris, Walt Boge

On January 18th Walter Boge and I led another of our annual expeditions to Mt Waterman. This year it wasn't raining and there was actual snow on the ground. Waterman is one of my favorite places to ski, locally. It can offer some remarkable skiing: remarkably good, remarkably bad and remarkably mediocre. Often on the same day.

We had picked a marvelous day; clear skies, warm enough but not hot and no wind. The snow was excellent for uphill skiing and although plentiful, not yet consolidated after a couple of nice storms, hiding smaller obstacles but not always giving a ride over them.

After a leisurely lunch on the peak with excellent company, spent discussing sea-kayaking, long-distance swimming and the Marine Corps, we skied back down through variable snow.

Partaking of and adding to the pleasures of the day were some who had skied with us before: Tani Barbour, Teresa Thompson, Mike McDermitt, Keith Hines and some new to my acquaintance, Felix Betschardt, Rebecca Milici, Richard Geist and Ron Geiger.

Felix offered the suggestion that the skiing would be improved if we, like the Swiss, would only do away with trees. One should also note that Mr. Boge seems to have abandoned many of the Old Ways. I saw him using climbing skins and rumor has it that he possesses boots with buckles.

My thanks to all the participants for making it a fine trip and especially to Walter.

Paul Harris

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