Ski Mountaineering

Mount Waterman Tour
February 1, 1997

Leaders: Mark Goebel, Pete Matulavich

Even though warm rains had pelted our local mountains the previous weekend, sufficient snow remained to allow an enjoyable tour for 12 skiers up and down Mt. Waterman's east ridge, although some careful route finding and quick turns were required to avoid obstacles. Fortunately, freezing temperatures had returned to preserve the remaining snow, but of course the surface was now like concrete for much of day except in the direct sun. We were lucky in that it was also a fairly warm day so that most of our down slopes were on softer snow.

The summit was reached in good time, and following an early lunch we attempted to ski down the southern slopes of the peak, but after only a few 100 feet we were halted by insufficient snow and too many obstacles. Returning to the peak, we then skied the east ridge, staying on the crest until it ends. There we reached the top of a semi-cleared slope of what was once a small downhill area. This provides a very nice downhill run (intermediate level) of about 600 feet, and an excellent opportunity for skiers to demonstrate their skills. The run ends just above the start of the tour. On this day, the snow was so nice that everyone took a second run on the upper slope before the final few turns which were very slick and icy.

Thank you to Pete Matulavich who assisted me on this tour, and for the following participants: Jim Valensi, Ken Kerner, Ken Wolff, Felix Betschart, Mike Bratkowski, Keith Hines, Mike McDermitt, David Baron, Floyd Spangler, and Kevin Mikels.

Mark Goebel

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