Ski Mountaineering

Mt Waterman Tour
Feb 7, 1998

Mark Goebel

In addition to the leaders, Mark Goebel and Pete Matulavich, six participants: Mad Doody, Paul Harris, Tony Bird, Bahram Manahedgi, David Baron and Ron Geiger attended on a day between storms, and just hours before the next big El Niņo blast would sweep over the southland mountains. At the start of the week we were wondering if there would be enough snow, but the first of many February storms gave us plenty of snow, and it was mostly a packed powder surface.

We toured up the traditional east ridge route under a thick cloud layer with a light mist falling. Although we were out of the wind, a loud roar similar to crashing ocean waves could be heard coming up the south slopes throughout the day.

Upon reaching the high point prior to the summit we paused to eat and then decided to turn around while visibility was sill good. We had an enjoyable ski down through the always challenging woods and returned along our up trail until we reached the Whittier Club's rope tow. We then skinned up and toured east along the up and down crest of the ridge until we were at the top of an early day's ski slope. By this time the clouds had lowered, and a slight crust had formed due to the dropping temperature. But even with poor visibility, all hands successfully turned their way quickly down the final six hundred feet to the Angeles Crest, and considered ourselves lucky to have enjoyed a fun day in the mountains before the pending storm.

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