Ski Mountaineering

Exploring Wyoming's Nature

Oct 5 - 11, 2022

Reiner Stenzel

In the springtime we did a trip to Utah and Arizona with a highlight, The Wave . In the Fall we chose to explore the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming. It was a family trip, my spouse Hatsuko and daughter Isabel. We flew from SFO to Jackson Hole Airport and traveled with a rental car to the National Parks and beyond.

We started with a hike along Jenny Lake east of Grand Teton. The scenery has rugged mountains changing to gentle plains in the east. Grand Teton is not a hike but a technical climb (cl 4-5). We saw small glaciers which melt due to warming. A significant stream came down with a waterfall into Jenny Lake. The scenery id beautiful. We had sunshine, no wind, no waves, pretty Fall colors, ideal for taking pretty pictures.

The next day we continued again to further lakes like Taggart, String, Leigh Lake and Jackson Lake. We looked for wild animals like Moose, bears, wolves because there were too many people, but elks and pronghorn antilopes. There were impressive beaver dams in a stream but the construction crew started by evening. Canadian geese were abundant, an American Eagle was even spotted.

When driving north of the State Route 89 one passes the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and the Continental Divide. We explored the Geyser Basin at the southwestern Yellowstone Lake. Well developed with a wooded trail where one can observe the different colored holes. Small geysers explode near the shore of Yellowstone Lake whose water is cold. Another volcanic hot springs have been visited. It was well developed with houses, clean and large warm pool, kind hosts, modest fee, friendly family guests. There is a wide waterfall below which some hot streams emerge and form undeveloped pools. We enjoyed take-out lunches in those beautiful surroundings.

We stopped frequently to enjoy the scenery such that from colorful birch trees, streams like Snake River, farms. History is long since farms were developed by immigrants and the Mormons. But farming shifted today to tourism in Jackson Hole and the National Parks, airport, ski lifts, etc. We took a ride on the Jackson Ski resort and were suddenly 8,000' higher and cooler. The view was superb, well higher at Grand Teton with 13,775' elevation.

Lat but not late we enjoyed the good food, shopping, art, and modern buildings. But the prices are high. The outdoors and indoors were a wonderful week. I thank Isabel for organizing this wonderful trip and driving and orienteer in the area.

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