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Canada 2007
(or "where the snow is")

Holidays 2007

Alvin Walter

These are some pictures which Alvin Walter submitted from a private trip with Ellen Feeney to Canada during the Holidays 2007.

Maybe, hopefully, he will also submit a trip report, too.

Observation by webmaster:

A new trend is noticeable: More and more "SMS" trips are now private ones. LTC produces too few qualified leaders, hence the SMS (and perhaps other mountaineering sections) do their trips without Sierra Club sponsorship or insurance.


"Where the snow is: Rogers Pass, Canada"

Alvin in winter wonderland:

Skiing Canadian powder:

Drowned in pow:

Big mountains:

Big mountains, lots of snow, lots of avalanches...

Winter wonderland (haven't we had this once on Baldy before Global Warming?

More winter wonderland

Snow and ice:

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